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The financial market for any nation depends on the well-being from the money market as well as the investors in long-term and short-term investments. But why should investments occur? For a nation to witness growth and harness the strength of its resources, investments reverse mergers are necessary and so to begin up any organization unit for example, investments are of an key concern. This not only is dependent upon the ready availability in the money available in the market, and also to your good deal around the mechanism of transmission of these funds as well as the interaction relating to the lenders and borrowers.

The pharmaceutical industry in India is famous comprises of 8% with the world's pharmaceutical manufacture. The pharmaceutical companies are estimated to develop as much as US$ 55 billion with the year 2020. Since the last two years, Indian pharmaceutical companies are actually aiming at multinationals, to pool resources and then for acquisition. India is poised to become listed on the league of the 10 top global pharmaceutical markets, in sales by 2020. India can also be the topmost exporter of generic medicine, worth around US$ 11 billion. Some of the top pharmaceutical industries in India include Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Lupin Ltd, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Wockhardt Ltd, Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

During Oil Exploration, researchers have shown that there are various oil reserves that are still undeveloped. But what is the basis for these refineries which are still not developed, despite increasing demand for oil? The main reason according to the scientific studies are that they don't possess ideal technology that is needed for drilling over these areas as well as other tests also have to be conducted in order to look at the viability with the soil and estimate reserve's size and volume. Thus, here arises the requirement of new investors.

To take advantage of the growing market in the Indian healthcare industry, an International trade exhibition along with conference occured at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi on March, 2011. There were around 300 famous manufacturers of medical and technological equipment from 10 countries. Each country showcased their latest and innovative equipments. The aim of this exhibition would have been to offer Indian industrialists the opportunity to create mutually beneficial partnership between the global and Indian businessmen. This exhibition was obviously a platform for medical fraternity and businessmen to get and compare the advance in medical equipment.

As for the government, they fight to use various policies to encourage the self-dependent innovation of textile enterprises. Mr. Babacan, the president of Oerlikon Textile Group also said the tendency of explosively population growth pose a higher need for textile industry and textiles would be the basic materials that go over many fields, so innovation is totally needed. Only by innovation can China overcome the present dilemma and build wider markets and fields inside global.